Yes, provided your club is using Stripe to collect online lotto payments, then the club can introduce automatic recurring payments.  This feature is ONLY available to our Silver and Gold Partners.  It is not available on the Grassroots Plan.  So upgrade your club today. Check out Partner Plans Here>

Introducing recurring payments to your members will mean they will not miss out on another draw and it will also bring in consistent revenue for the club. 

How do recurring payments work for lotto sales?

The club will tell us how many weekly payments they want to collect upfront.  For example, the club may decide they want to collect payment every 5 weeks.  When we activate recurring payments for a club, this does not force the user to select recurring payments, instead, they will have the option of paying a one-off payment as normal or the choice to subscribe to an automatic recurring payment.

We normally recommend that a club sets their minimum checkout value to £5 or €5 for lotto sales as this will reduce their payment provider charges.  

If recurring payments is activated for a clubs lotto then the user will see an ‘Auto-renew’ option below where they select their lotto lines.  See the example below.

If the user selects the ‘Auto-renew’ option then the ‘Number of draws to play options’ will disappear and the user will see the text below.


Auto-Renew selected

How are the members charged?

If a user selects one line and the cost of one line is £1, then when the user clicks on ‘auto renew’, an amount of £5 will automatically be collected from their account at the time of purchase.  This will then give them 5 credits and they will be entered into the next 5 draws.  The next payment of £5 will then automatically be collected from their bank account in 5 weeks’ time, via the card they used to sign up to the recurring payment. The user does not have to take any action unless their card has expired or has been lost or stolen.   If this is the case they will need to login to their Klubfunder account using the same email address they used to make the purchase.  When they login they will see a menu called 'Subscriptions'.  In here they will have the option to click on 'Update Subscription' or 'Cancel Subscription'

If for any reason the user does not update their card details or cancels their subscription they will not be entered into any further draws after their current credits have expired.

If a person signs up to a recurring payment and they decide to cancel it 3 weeks later.  They will continue to be entered into the number of draws they have credits for, however, once these have expired their subscription will end.

Credits are deducted each week when the club enter their lotto results.   If a club is not actively updating their results then credits will not be deducted as expected.  For those members using the auto renew subscpayment the payments will still be deducted even if they have credits as these are automatic plans set up via the clubs Stripe account. 

The person can cancel their recurring subscription at any time via their ‘My Account’ area.

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