Simply login to your Klubfunder account using your club administrator login. 

When you have logged in click on 'Club Membership' 

Within Club Membership there is four tabs.  Click on the 'Renewals'

Once you are on the 'Renewals' tab you can use the 'Select All' option to select all members previously registered or you can filter your data using the search fields provided below.  The renewal date will show the date the member last registered.  You can also use the search filter 'Show Purchased Before' if you want to do a search on dates.  For instance if your season was going to start next month and you wanted to start collecting registrations in August 2019, you would want to display all members who had registered before 01/08/2019 and then send out a 'Renewal Reminder' to them.  This is done simply by clicking on the 'Send Membership Renewal Reminder' 

When the 'Send Membership Renewal Reminder' button is clicked a confirmation message will appear on screen.  When you click 'Confirm' to this message it will send an email to the member(s) selected. 

The email (see example below) will then invite the user to login to their My account area in Klubfunder and they will proceed as follows.

  Click here to see how a member can renew their registration.