Yes.  When a person joins a LMS competition, they have the option of adding addtional players.  This is perfect for family and friends that don't have their own email account and wouldn't be able to go online and select their teams.  

To create a new player under an existing account the user should login to their Klubfunder account and click on the 

'My Players' button.

This will allow them to create multiple players and then can manage all of these players under their own account.

When you click on 'Add Player' you will be asked to enter the players name, nickname, with the option of adding a mobile number for them.  Once the details have been entered click on 'Save Changes'

The new player will then be created.  Once the player has been created there is a couple of more steps to follow before the player will be able to make team selections on their behalf.

Firstly they will need to click on the 'Join League' button next to the new player created.

Once the 'Join League' button has been clicked the 'join league' text will be replaced with a payment link. See below.

It is only after the payment has been made that you will be able to make selections for the player that has just been created.

Alternatively If the player has paid cash to the person overseeing the competition the administrator of the club will need to login to their Klubfunder account and mark the player as paid via their own 'Player Details' tab.  See below. 

  If you require any further assistance please email