Good News for all our Partner Clubs.

We have made it super easy to quickly identity online lotto winners at the click of a button using the KlubApp.

Simply go to the KlubApp.  Log in as the club administrator.

On the Administrator Dashboard you will see a 'Lotto Lines Report' button.  Click on this button.  Remember you will need to be on one of our partner clubs to have access to this functionality. 

Once you have clicked on the 'Lotto Lines Report' you will be able to see all the lotto lines purchased for the next lotto draw date.  The lotto lines will be ordered from the lowest numbers to the highest to make it easy to analyse the report.  To check if there is are winners simply click on the 'Check Winners' button

Once you have clicked on the 'Check Winners' button.

Enter the 'lotto numbers' selected for this weeks draw and click on 'Check'

In the screen below you will see 4 numbers have been selected. 

Once you click on the 'Check' button the system will check if there are any online winners for those numbers. 

If there was no winners the screen would show like the one below.

If there was a winner the screen would show like the one below and identiy the winner.  It will show the numbers and the contact details of the winner along with the line number that shows where this person appears in the report. 

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