Klubs can raise funds through taking contactless payments for tickets, products and more through our Klubapp!

Follow the step below to learn how to make a contactless payment to your Klub, with kPos


Once you have logged into the Klubapp click the 3 bar icon in the top left corner

STEP 2: Click the Kpos logo

Once you see this page click the 'kPOS' button located on the bottom of the admin tab

STEP 3: Click the area you wish to pay into. In this case 'TICKET SALES - Quick Pay'

STEP 4: Click 'Add to Basket' for the product you wish to purchase

In this case the product is tuckshop refreshments.

STEP 3: Continue with purchase

As you can see, in the bottom right corner of the screen there is an option to continue. 

Click this button.

STEP 4: Click Pay now

Here you can see the confirmation of your 'Transaction ID' and the 'Amount to Pay' to your Klub.

If the payment amount is correct, go ahead and click 'Pay Now'

STEP 5: Click Card Reader

Once you see these 2 options, Click Card reader to follow through with your purchase.

STEP 6: Make purchase

Once you have clicked 'Card Reader' you will see this area.

This area prompts the user to activate the purchase with their card/mobile device.

STEP 7: Card Reader prompt

Here you will see the Card reader prompt you to scan your card for the amount specified

STEP 8: Scan Card

Simply tap your card at the top of the reader, if your card is contactless.

If your card is not contactless you can insert your card at the top of the reader, and key in your PIN code.

   STEP 9: Do you want a receipt?

As you will receive a notification through Klub funder, you can click Skip as you will still receive a notification.

STEP 10: Finish Payment

Click 'Finish' to finalise payment.