In this area we will be explaining how you can view your/ your childs player development, and how you can use this to help develop skills/attributes.

Firstly log into the klubapp with your Klubfunder log in

STEP 1: When you log into the Klubapp as a member you will see this screen.

To load the menus click the 3 white lines in the top left corner.

STEP 2: This is the member dashboard, click into 'Player Development to see yours/ your childs development'

STEP 4: This is the screen you will see when you have clicked into 'Player Development'.

Click 'Check Development'

STEP 5: This screen will then load, Here you can add a photo of you/ your child.

You can see yours/ your child's progress and current skill level, you can also view the details of the skill.

By clicking 'view details' it will show the definition of each skill level, so you can see the Players' development and get an accurate understanding of what you/ your child is working towards.

By clicking the link next to learning, you can watch videos set by the coach to assist development.

STEP 6: After clicking 'view details', in the above screen you will see the definition of each level, this shows the user what level they are at and their next stages for development.