It is always a hectic time at the beginning of a new sporting season, we are doing our bit to make sure your club can easily update any changes and developments that have occurred during the break.

Such as, new players leaving/joining the club, and the changing of age groups and teams.

This article will be explaining the different solutions we have to update your club.

1. The first option we have to update your teams/ age groups is to remove all teams from existing members/ players before the registration of the new season opens. Doing this will completely remove all players affiliation from their current team or age group, when your members/ players complete their registration for the new season, they will then select their new updated team / age group. 

To Remove all players from their existing teams, please contact and we will be happy to assist you with this process.

2. The second option, which is commonly used by clubs is to bulk update the teams/ age groups in the 'Teams' area in 'MyAccount'. Follow these steps  to bulk update your players to the new updated teams.

3.  The third and final option we have is to leave all the teams the same, this is under the circumstance that all players stay in the same team, and all teams remain exactly the same as the previous year.

*Please note, Our platform supports having multiple teams per member. So if your club doesn't prepare which option they will use, ahead of season registrations the members may end up with both last seasons and the current seasons team linked to them.