This article will explain how to bulk update players from one team to another, ahead of the new season. 

This feature helps clubs clearly reorganise teams for the new season, following these simple steps, you will be able to make the necessary changes to your teams and age groups.

STEP 1: Once you have logged into your Klubfunder account, scroll to the bottom of your screen. You will then see the 'Teams' area in the dashboard. Click into the 'Teams' area and continue to follow these steps.

STEP 2: After clicking into 'Teams' you will see this page, go into the 'Team Members List' area to start with, and then click 'Choose a team', this will then load up all of your teams associated with your club.

STEP 3: Once you have selected your team from the drop down list, you will see all of the players in that team, you can individually select the players you wish to transfer or you can click select all. Click the boxes by the players name or click select all 

STEP 4: Once you have select the players you wish to update to new teams, click on the 'Choose a new team' box. You will then see a drop down box with all your teams. You will then see a drop down list with all of your teams, then click the team you wish to transfer the selected player to.

STEP 5: Once you have selected your team click 'Update team for selected members' 

STEP 6: Once you have clicked 'Update Team'  you will receive this confirmation message. If you are happy with your changes click 'Yes'. 

Your teams will now be updated, to update the rest of your teams, simply repeat this process.