This article will be explaining how to create and add a resource to the resource booking database

Step 1: Log into your Klubfunder account and scroll to the bottom of the screen where you will see the highlighted box, 'Resource Booker'

STEP 2: Once you have clicked into this area,  click 'SetUp- Get Started' you will then see this screen below, click 'Add a new space' to begin adding a new resource.

STEP 3: Once you have clicked into 'Add a new space', you will see this screen.

Start to fill in the below fields with the details of this specific resource.

What is 'Allow booking of entire space'? This area allows your club to use a facility or space for multiple uses.

E.g, if your club has a large pitch that can hold 2 training sessions, you can decide to make the pitch available for one session or 2 sessions.

To do this you must click, 'Has Partitions' and add a number of slots, e.g, 2

STEP 5: Here you can a list of all the Resources that you have added.

The video below provides a short guide on how to set up and manage club spaces via the Resource booker tool