This article will be explaining how to create a New Golf Predictor game.

The Golf Predictor is a fun interactive game which can be run for any large or smaller golfing event, from club level to Masters level.

STEP 1: Log into the Klubfunder platform, scroll down to 'Manage Fundraising Games' and click into this area.

STEP 2: Scroll down to the 'Golf Tournament Predictor' game.

Then click 'Manage Games'.

STEP 3: You will then see this screen, click 'Create Game'

STEP 4: Create your Game Name, and set an entrance fee.

Each participant will have to choose the same amount of Golfers from a list you create.

Select the number of Golfers to select.

Also add in the minimum odds sum, each Golfer will have different odds. The lower the odds the more likely that player will win.

Select the minimum odds for the tournament,. 

In this case the participants must select only 3 golfers, and they must combine to have odds over 120.

Then click create.

STEP 5: When you get to this stage click 'Add new golfer'.

STEP 6: Type in The golfer's name and their tournament odds, and if you are creating this tournament, mid-competition add in their current score.

Then click 'Save'.

STEP 7: Repeat this process for all of the Golfer's which you are choosing

STEP 8: To update the players score throughout the competition, click Update next to the Golfer's name.

STEP 9: Change the Current Score to the players new updated score in the tournament.

Then click Save