This article will be explaining the difference between Mobile, and Fixed KPOS Terminal options.

Both options are great for clubs looking to raise funds through contactless payments, for lotto, club gear, and ticket sales etc.

Mobile KPOS: To run your Kpos from your mobile device, you will need a secure WI-FI connection, with Bluetooth turned on, with location services also turned on.

You will need to follow the steps below to learn how to set up your Kpos for your Mobile Device or for your Fixed Terminal

Click this link:

Watch the video below to see how clubs are using the Mobile KPOS option.

For klubs who are looking for a Fixed terminal option, can also use KPOS to raise funds and sell products and services.

The image below shows one of our clubs using KPOS through a Fixed Terminal.

There are a few things you need set up to make sure your Fixed Terminal runs smoothly.

Firstly, the KlubApp must be downloaded on the tablet in use. The Fixed terminal must also be next to a power socket to keep the tablet fully charged at all times.

Finally, a tablet holder should be in use to keep the tablet secure (as shown in images below).