This article will be explaining how to record attendance for your training and game sessions.

STEP 1: Log into your admin Klubfunder account.

You will see this below screen upon logging in.

Then click the 3 bars in the top left corner.

STEP 2: Once on this screen.

Click 'Session Tracker'

STEP 3: Then choose your team.

By selecting 'Choose a team'

STEP 4: Click 'View Details' next to the session you wish to record attendance for.

STEP 5: Clicking 'view details' will bring up this screen.

Then select 'Record Attendance'.

STEP 6: Once clicked 'Record Attendance.

You will see this screen.

Go through and click the box under 'present,absent, late'

You can also click select all if all players were present.

You can also click excused if a player has been excused.

STEP 7: When you click excused you will see this screen.

Type in the reason that the player is excused, then click continue.

Then click Done and your attendance will be recorded for this session.

STEP 8: To record the minutes played, repeat steps 1-4.

Make sure to select your game session to record the minutes played.

Click 'General Session Stats'

STEP 9: Click on all the '0' and enter the correct minutes played

STEP 10: This is what your minutes played report should now look like, after entering the minutes played.

Now click save.