KlubFunder provides clubs with the ability to play popular fundraising games online . Games like Last Man Standing and Score Predictor. You can run these fundraising games on popular sporting events like:

  • The Barclays Premier League,
  • The Allianz National Football League,
  • The RBS Six Nations,
  • Others.

The benefits of running your fundraiser online with KlubFunder are:

  1. Your members can play from the convenience of their home via their smart phones and computers,
  2. You can reach a wider audience for your fundraiser,
  3. You can collect payments online,
  4. It will reduce the administration tasks in running these competitions by up to 90%.

How Do I Configure Fund Raising Games

  1. Log into Kubfunder as the Club Admin,
  2. Select: “Fund Raising Games”,

You will be presented with a view of all the fun raising game available to the club, when fully configured options are:

  1. Last Name Standing
  2. Sweepstake
  3. Lotto
  4. Bonus Ball
  5. Score Predictor
  6. Golf Tournament Predictor
  7. Custom Games