We have made some enhancements to how clubs can sell product packs within their online shop.

Intially when selling a pack on Klubfunder the member would have selected the pack and their size, i.e. a Small Training Kit, This would mean they would receive a size small for all items within the pack. 

Based on customer feedback and knowing the someone might require a different size in a top than they do in bottoms we have made a few enhancements as to how these packs are configured. 

Now product packs can be set up to allow the user to select an indiviual size in each item within the pack.  See the example below. 

If you would like to have product packs added to your shop. send an email to hello@klubfunder.com

Product Packs are an enhanced feature within club shop and are available to all clubs on our Partner Plans.

Upgrade today using the link below or alternatively send us an email hello@klubfunder.com