Having the ability to sell club items online has never been more important.

When adding your items to the club shop we have made some enhancments to allow you to 'clone' an item, saving you time. 

For example if you have 3 different styles of zip tops for sale, you will need to create three different products within your shop.  To avoid you having to add individual sizes for each item, moving forward all you will need to do is clone the item, this will duplicate everything about the product so that you don't have to start re-entering every size again.  You will then simply make small ammendments to the item, i.e. update the product name, the product code and image, etc.  


How to clone a product!


Click on the 'Manage Shop Items' button



Find the product you would like to clone and click on the 'Clone' button and then select 'Yes' to the confirmation message.



You will see from the screen below that the product has been cloned and the product name has numbers added to it to differentiate it from the initial product you cloned.  You will now need to click on the 'Edit' button to change the Product Name i.e. Blue Offense Shirt SS as two products should not have the same name. 




In the 'Edit' product screen you will need to make any updates that are required.  Once you have completed this remember to 'Save your Changes' and review all details of the product to ensure everything is as expected. 



 Always remember to save your changes!